Revitalizing a once-integral industrial and commercial district of LaGrange, Georgia, The Rail District is a central forum for residents and visitors alike. Combining retail, residential and social spaces, partners of The Rail District bring some of the best offerings from across the Southeast together to create something unique and incredible


The vision of The Rail District is to revitalize a once bustling center of commerce. The immediate vicinity of The Rail District includes multiple retail activations and office spaces, plus loft living and plentiful green-space. Rooftop bars, unique entertainment venues and areas for social gathering are also found throughout The District.

The Community

In addition to the recently revitalized Rail District, housing improvements in the surrounding community are being developed by Communities of Tomorrow. You can read their strategic plan for the neighboring areas below.



The area now known as The Rail District was once a hub of commerce, connecting key destinations like Birmingham, Atlanta and Macon.

Other key businesses in the history of LaGrange also called this area home. Newman Construction was one of the most prominent among these, responsible for the construction of countless landmarks throughout the area.

Images & Historical Data Courtesy of Troup County Archives & Lewis O. Powell IV


The Atlanta & LaGrange Railroad is incorporated by a group of investors from both Troup and Coweta Counties including Major Henry West, Dr. R. A. T. Ridley, Edward Young Hill, and James M. Beall, all major names in early LaGrange history.


Following the Battle of West Point at Fort Tyler on Sunday, 16 April, Col. Oscar La Grange leads his Union troops up West Point Road to LaGrange. They burned military targets including the depot and several mills, but spared Godfred Kener’s mill on the corner of Morgan and Hines Streets.

A notice appears in the paper in September stating that the depot is being rebuilt.


Macon & Birmingham (M & B) Railroad chartered in Macon. The railroad is constructed from the town of Sofkee, eight miles south of Macon all the way to LaGrange. A depot is constructed close to the A & WP Depot.


Newman Construction is incorporated in 1920 when James Rufus Newman and Tom Hutchinson bought out LaGrange Lumber and Supply Company. They built the Sunday School Annex at First Baptist Church; the Ida Cason Callaway Chapel at Callaway Gardens; Callaway Stadium, the Dunson School and the Callaway Memorial Tower on 4th Avenue. During WWII, the business shifted their efforts to support the United States Military's efforts globally.


The 1910 A & WP Depot is torn down by CSX due to its proximity to the tracks. The area sees limited use over the next three decades.


Plans for the revitalized Rail District are drawn up, and development begins on a massive restorative effort.



Within walking distance of downtown LaGrange, The Rail District features a plethora of small business activations and locations for people to gather. Our retail and hospitality partners enjoy beautifully restored storefronts and facilities. Downtown LaGrange expands daily, with new residential developments and businesses throughout the city.

We are always seeking unique businesses and innovators to partner with. If you think your business would be a good fit in The Rail District, contact us today!

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